Jan 9, 2011

I didn’t mention it.

One of the things that I partook of (or indulged in) over the last month (December really) was attending an event at MoCCA; Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art. Speaking of which, if they use the ‘o’ in of, why aren’t they using the ‘a’ in and? Would wind up being MoCaCA – sounds a bit vulgar, no?

Paul Levitz at MoCCA

Anyway, the event was “THE CRAFT OF COMICS WRITING:THE LONG AND SHORT OF PLOTTING” (I don’t use all caps for things but I’ll be damned to retype instead of copying and pasting). It was conducted by Paul Levitz and I had high hopes for it.

Thing was, Levitz was woefully unprepared. It‘s a bit surprising in a way, I had attended something given by Denny O’Neil and I have to say for what it was worth Denny is a damn good teacher, Unfortunately, Paul wasn’t anywhere near as good which was something of a disappointment. While I was going to approach Paul after the event and suggest some ways to tighten up things, the truth was there simply was a preponderance of fanboys in attendance.

If there is anything I grow to despise with time it’s fanboys. The last NYCC I went to was just crammed with them and I don’t know if it’s a matter of my tolerance getting lower or fanboys becoming more obnoxious, I would think it’s the latter. The first convention I went to was the MarvelCon in 1976 at the old Commodore hotel (now the Grand Hyatt). It was small, it was fun and I had a great time (along with my friend Don). I got to meet everyone from Stan Lee, John Buscema and a whole slew of other people.

Now I find if I’m going to one of these events, it’s with a very specific purpose and in this case it‘s more about finding technique that will help me move ahead with my skill set. The Levitz thing was sparse on any of that and as a result a waste of time. Considering Levitz’s lofty position within the industry, I just expected more but then again one thing that did come through was Levitz’ love of books. You really can’t fault a guy who loves to read.

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